Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Start ups in Bangalore

Given all the civic issues in Bangalore, here are a few start up suggestions:

Horse taxis: These are the only things that can negotiate the current traffic in Bangalore. And environment friendly. They can also jump cross barriers.

Human Relay Race couriers: To deliver, even bikes get stuck. Human relay racers on the other hand can deliver stuff faster.

Advanced drone delivery: To begin with they can start for goods. Later on, this can diversified into delivering people into offices. Charging the drone may be a problem given the electricity, but at any rate, the person will fall on a vehicle stuck on a traffic jam.

Sleeper buses: Sleeper buses help people get a good nights sleep on the way back to home from office. Besides, the moment they reach home, they have to start the next days journey. And in the day journey the bus doubles up as work cabins with wifi. Book your space in it using an app.

Food delivery at traffic jams: You order in one signal and using GPS, the food delivery catches up with you as you are stuck and delivers at the traffic jam. This is also extended to restaurant booking apps. You book a seat based on where you are stuck and the restaurant books your place. Then once confirmed, you also give you order - and by the time you reach the restaurant, the food is on the table!

Traffic Valets: Special drivers who will drive you though the traffic and return the vehicle to you once the traffic is cleared.

Micro drones with a live update of road traffic: Drones continuously feed you images of the route to your home/office so you can decide if you can go or work or do something else.

Traffic auto pilots: These are not self drive cars, but just small self drive applications on cars which will move your car only in centimeters per second and only in a straight line (and at times in zig zag motion to confuse other drivers).

Private pot hole fillers: Using an app, private agencies fill up potholes and the bill is submitted to BBMP - who do not have time to do anything anyway.

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